With the Korean helmet company, HJC, lately we have had a lot of releases under the big Marvel and DC Comics licenses within their different ranges. But among the Batman, Joker or other Carnage, the company has put on the market, for 2020, its new helmet, classified Sport Touring , the F70 .

Test of the HJC F70 full face helmet

Right out of the box, we realize that HJC has released a helmet with a unique look to the rest of its range of integral. Unique look with its imposing chin bar which creates an original visor shape. Personally, I really like this look!

With such a visor, one can ask the question whether this does not affect the field of vision. On this point, I will come back to it later.


I continue the discovery of this new helmet and I find a well-profiled helmet , which justifies its positioning in the sport-touring range, large ventilations on the top as well as 2 large air extractors on the rear . And finally, there are 2 small spoilers at the bottom of the rear for aerodynamics.

Another special feature: an imposing removable muffler . At first glance, it surprises. It goes hand in hand with the vents on the chin bar. The set can also make you think of an aviator helmet. This appendage arrives at the limit of the solar when the latter is lowered. As big as it is, it doesn’t obstruct vision in any way, as it stops just above the line of sight.

Regarding the other characteristics of the helmet, we find: an internal solar visor , a double D chin strap for closing. The helmet is also delivered with its Pinlock® to allow you to ride in cool weather without fog. The brand has also thought about wearers of glasses with the presence of grooves.

Connected bikers are not left out, the helmet is predisposed to receive the Smart HJC Bluetooth kit . What I really like about the finish and for the installation of the intercom is the presence of channels to slide in the various cables. We end up with a clean installation.

On the scale, this helmet, made of composite fiberglass, displays a relatively light weight since we are under the bar of 1500g (1480g (+/- 50g) to be exact). Note that it is ECE 22-05 approved.

Rear HJC F70

Used to full-face helmets, lighter, this one is hardly felt once donned. The reception is comfortable , it has good cheek pads also offering very good support . HJC has also redesigned its interior by offering a Multicool pad , antibacterial, antiperspirant and drying faster than previous generations of foam. Use in the middle of Proven├žal summer makes it easy to confirm this, because each motorcycle outing is accompanied by a good heat stroke between the outside temperature and the heat emitted from the motorcycle.

When walking, having an internal sun screen turns out to be a very big plus. Especially since it is effective when the sun is high or low at the end of the day. It is just as easy to handle thanks to the dial located on the base of the helmet. The visor is of excellent quality and it is easy to handle it with gloves with the two returns that it has on either side of the 2 vents of the chin bar. For people wishing to change the shade of the visor rather than using sunglasses, there are optional dark smoke and iridium visors (chrome and gold). On the other hand, you should not expect to change them with a simple manipulation. You will have to play with the screwdriver … Therefore, do not plan to leave with 2 visors during a long walk which can linger until nightfall.

In the tool kit, we necessarily have a screwdriver … but not in order to change the visor of his helmet during the ride.