How to choose the best parking lots for your trucks

How to choose the best parking lots for your trucks


With most thefts taking place at a standstill, when vehicles are parked, it stands to reason that finding safe parking is a top priority for most transport companies. Indeed, if your truck is not safe, you risk losing your main work tool and your products, while you are routing them to your most important customers. It is estimated that nearly 90,000 the number of truck thefts each year in the European Union, an economic cost of more than 16 billion euros. In Spain alone, 3 in 10 truck drivers are victims of at least one vehicle theft during their career, and in Germany, truck cargo thefts amounted to 1.3 billion dollars.

While businesses have long called for an increase in the number of secure parking spaces for commercial vehicles, the lack of spaces remains dire. In Germany alone, it is estimated that there are currently 14,000 secure parking lots to accommodate trucks . This situation increases the risk of truck theft and also favors the illegal parking of truck drivers. Indeed, the search for safe parking can be a source of stress, especially after long and tiring journeys. This both increases the likelihood of businesses being fined and also puts lives at risk: around 44 fatal accidents occur each year in the European Union as a result of illegally parked trucks.

In addition, having access to certain facilities, such as food and beverage outlets, at the end of a long working day can make all the difference for drivers and their well-being. Safety is the priority when it comes to parking, but accessibility to services is almost as important. However, it is not always easy to find parking lots that meet all of these needs. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you choose the safest parking lot for your vehicle. This will help your business avoid night thefts and the resulting economic losses. It should also save your drivers the stress of having to find a safe place while helping to save lives