So, motorcycle or car ? Some will answer candidly: both, my captain! They surely have the budget not to ask more questions. But you may want to choose between the two less for a question of budget than for the desire to consume less unnecessarily. At Speedway, we know the best choice between car and motorcycle …Good reasons to buy a car rather than a motorcycle

The advantages of preferring the car to the motorbike are obvious: protected on all sides, it is safer, and always warm in winter. You can carry several passengers and you can put large luggage in the trunk.

That’s about it for the benefits. Now let’s see …

Good reasons to buy a motorcycle rather than a car

Scoop! Motorcycle equipment has evolved and effectively protects motorcyclists . From the boots to the helmet, including the back protector, you have no excuse for not protecting yourself properly. If only helmets, gloves and visibility vests are compulsory motorcycle equipment , jackets and pants are strongly recommended , as well as the airbag and motorcycle shoes . The approved protections are designed to protect the most exposed and fragile areas during motorcycle accidents.

Another scoop, there is winter motorcycle equipment and summer motorcycle equipment, and even mid-season! The good thing now is that these pieces of equipment remain discreet and look more and more like ordinary clothes. It is thanks to recent technologies used that equipment manufacturers can create stylish and discreet protections . So no, you don’t have to look like Robocop when you protect yourself on a motorcycle!


Of course, this will depend on the type of motorcycle chosen, but in general when we hesitate between a motorcycle and a car, it is because we would opt for a more road type trail bike. These motorcycles (and even sports cars for that matter) are easily fitted with motorcycle luggage! Saddle baggage, tank bag, rear top case and side bags … Everything is thought of! This might not be every day you need to carry gear. For example, if it’s just to bring back your groceries, you could opt to have them delivered to your home. This practice is widely democratized nowadays! Some bikers also rent a car for half a day if they need to transport large volumes.

It is certain that if you have three children, we will not have a solution for you; you can still only carry a maximum of one person!


If we are attracted to the motorcycle more than to the car, it is surely for the sensations it provides. The reason we secrete endorphins on a motorcycle is because we are one with the machine; we are close to all the elements, we are close to the road. The curves, the acceleration, the braking, we feel them much more than in a car. And you don’t have to go fast to feel it all!

Riding a motorcycle makes you happier , that’s all.

It’s a fact that a motorcycle costs less to buy than a car . In addition, it costs less in maintenance . Quite significant is the fact the motorcycle cost way less to ship to your doorstep, even up to 75% less than usual cheap if you use Shiply’s shipping platform And best of all, the motorcycle consumes less fuel than the car . It is certain that if you hesitate between the two for a question of budget, it is the motorcycle, more economical, that you should choose.

Motorcycles are more practical in town

On a motorbike, we avoid many traffic jams . Notice how many cars you would overtake which most often contain one person, or even two. See the space these cars take on the road … While on a motorcycle, you don’t take up more space than you need.

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In addition, in town on a motorcycle you have no parking problem . You don’t have to look for a place and turn the streets several times. Most of the time, motorcycle parking is free!

The motorbike to be closer to nature

If you travel the countryside on a motorbike, you can enjoy nature up close ; smell the smells of the pine forest, listen to the noises of the birds… Okay, it’s true that by opening the car window you can also enjoy it. However, the sensations are different (see point 3).

In conclusion, we can not advise you too much to choose a motorcycle rather than a car. In particular, if you are an independent person, live in the city, and at best in a sunny region, do not hesitate! You will only be happier on a motorcycle.