Small size motorcycle: how to choose it?

Small size motorcycle: how to choose it?


It is not always easy to find the motorcycle of your dreams when you do not fit into the standard sizes. Care should be taken to check the height and width of the saddle as well as the weight of the motorcycle before any purchase.

A model that is too tall or too heavy can be difficult to maneuver at low speed or even to put on its kickstand! However, it is not necessary to be satisfied with small displacement. Some brands even offer lowered versions. Here is an overview of the perfect two-wheelers for small riders.

Small size motorcycle: how to choose it?

Let us know what we are talking about. Not all riders, even small ones, have the same problem. It all depends on the length of the legs . The important thing is to be able to put both feet on the ground. Otherwise, some maneuvers become really difficult.

It is not easy, in fact, to control a motorbike or scooter when stationary or at low speed when the feet barely touch the ground! First when stopped on a red light or any other intersection, there is a high risk of a fall and an accident .

It is also complicated to maneuver at low speed, especially for U-turns, very tight turns, or even to park. A motorcycle that is too heavy, but above all too high, offers poor handling, especially in town where you have to drive slowly, stop frequently and

sometimes zigzag between cars.

Ideally, it should be limited to a saddle height of 800 mm. But in reality, saddle height isn’t everything. This criterion must be associated with the saddle width . You have to measure what is called the arch of the crotch.

Indeed, there are rather low motorcycles, but with a very wide saddle. This is the case with many customs, trails and heavy road.

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