How Often Should You Wash Your Vehicle?

How Often Should You Wash Your Vehicle?


Your automobile is a significant investment, and you spend a lot of money on maintenance such as oil changes, tyre rotations and brake pads. But have you ever considered investing in something as easy as vehicle washing? How frequently do you need to do it, and how crucial is it? It’s not always clear when your automobile needs to be washed. For example, after a long day of driving along a dusty, gravel road. Or when a swarm of birds swoops down on your vehicle hood when you are parked under what you believe to be a perfect shade tree.But what about cleaning your automobile as part of its routine maintenance?There are various reasons to auto car washes in san antonio your car on a regular basis, whether it is to maintain the paint and avoid corrosion so you may drive it forever, or to keep the car in beautiful shape for a greater market value later.

How Often Is Enough?

  • As a general rule, most experts advocate to auto car washes in san antonio every two weeks or so throughout the year. If you reside in a location where there is a lot of salt, either from a nearby ocean or from salt trucks on winter roads, you should definitely wash it
  • People who spend a lot of time travelling through the bush should also take better care of their vehicles.Furthermore, while we may associate car washes with the summer, you really need to wash your car more frequently in the winter. One of the worst culprits is road salt, which may cake onto the body of your automobile and cause havoc.
  • Of course, your car’s interior is less exposed to salt and dead bugs, but it still has to be cleaned. Remove any particles (dog hair, dry cereal, bits of dried leaves) from the seat crevices and floor mats with a hoover hose.If you detect any stains when vacuuming, use an upholstery spot cleaner to remove them. A simple mix of warm water and mild detergent can be used to clean dirty chairs.
  • Leather seats, must be cleaned and conditioned at least every three months to protect the leather from cracking and deteriorating. If you drive frequently, or if the inside of your car is exposed to sunlight, condition the leather every two months.

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