Accident Replacement Vehicles: Don’t Spend A Single Cent

Accident Replacement Vehicles: Don’t Spend A Single Cent


Have you had an accident before and have spent much of your bucks for repair? Well, you need to ask yourself first. Are you the one responsible for that, even if not your fault? Here is a revelation for people who are unaware of this situation. Instead, you can take the benefit of not my fault car hire than spending your own money.

What does it mean?

The said car hire service is under the benefits of not my fault insurance. Instead, it is the at-fault party’s insurance that will cater for the expenses for the repair and the accident replacement vehicle.

What is at-fault party insurance?

At-fault party insurance is one in which you and the insurance company be the ones to pay for the caused damages. It often affects the auto insurance rates if you are found as the driver at fault for the accident. An at-fault accident is one caused by the driver. It results from actions taken or failure to do the action.

As the driver, you will be considered at fault, although the police have divided the blame between you and the insurance company, a big percentage to the person at fault and a smaller percentage for you. However, some types of accidents are clear in terms of fault and liability.

What does at-fault party insurance?

Here is the trick here. What if the at-fault party has no car insurance? If an underinsured or uninsured driver injures a person or caused damage to the vehicle, the insurance company helps pay for the expenses incurred, provided you have this coverage.

Not your fault accident- what to do?

If someone hit your car, you would be asking who is the right one to call? Will you be calling a family member to rescue you? Or you will be calling the police to settle the accident? Or, you will be asking the at-fault person whether he/she had insurance or not.

If someone hit you, you are eligible of claiming liability insurance. You may file a car insurance claim. But, which car insurance claim? Is it your car insurance or the car insurance of the faulty? Liability insurance is also called a third-party claim.

What does a third-party claim covers?

A third party claim means you are the third party to the other driver and its insurance firm. The other insurer processes the claim. But, you must not be counting a quick payment. Instances like the insurer would want to investigate the accident in determining that their customer was at fault.

If you are at fault, you may use your insurance to fix the caused problem of the accident happened. But, if you are not at fault, then you can ensure that you have no cent to spend from the repair of your vehicle up to the hiring of a new vehicle until your own vehicle is fixed.

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