Q: Can I jailbreak PS Vita with OFW version?
A: Yes, You can jailbreak PS Vita with any OFW (3.00 above version). After jailbroken successfully, do NOT update your PS Vita from Sony.

Q: Can this jailbreak hurt my PS Vita Device?
A: The jailbreak is completely safe to use. It only alters the software and if you don’t want to use the jailbreak anymore you can easily reset the device.

Q: Can I use mods?
A: With our PS Vita Jailbreak, we have decided to include a modding feature allowing you to mod and alter games. After installing the jailbreak you can find the mod app in the games tab.

Q: Can I Jailbreak PS Vita Fat or PS Vita Slim?
A: Of course, Yes you can jailbreak of all PS Vita device.

Q: Will my data erase if I jailbreak my PS Vita Device?
A: No, It will not erase your data. All will be remain same.

Q: After jailbroken PS Vita, Can I play the game online?
A: Yes, You can online game. PSNPATCH has already modified and automatically patch in Jailbreak CFW.

Q: Will I get ban from Sony through PSN account?
A: No, You will not get ban in any case. 100% safe to use.

Q: How to download PS Vita game?
A: You can download PS Vita games through PS Store with free of cost (you do not need to pay anything – forever).

Q: How To Reverse my PS Vita to original Firmware?
A: Of course, you wish go back to original firmware just update your vita from official Sony PlayStation Vita and jailbreak will be removed and you may also do it again whenever you need.